Invisalign Treatment



It is a treatment method applied to correct the teeth with aligners, without standard orthodontic wire treatment.

Aligners can be applied to anyone from the age of 7. Whether it is suitable or not is determined by an experienced orthodontist examination.



What are the advantages of INVISALIGN?

The most important feature of aligners is that they are almost invisible. It is very advantageous for people who care about their appearance and think that orthodontic braces will affect their appearance. It does not negatively affect speech. Removing it while eating is another advantage. The fact that it is removed during care and brushing helps to maintain oral hygiene easily. As a treatment period, Invisalign aligners may take a few months shorter than wire treatment.





How to get started


After the treatment is decided, the patient's photos are taken, x-rays are requested and intraoral scanning of the lower and upper jaw teeth is taken. After the records are submitted to INVISALIGN, doctor starts planning treatment in a computer simulation. After making the analysis and changes on the computer simulation, the orthodontist approves and the aligners are fabricated.






As with wire treatments, INVISALIGN treatment has no age limit.

Invisalign treatment is ideal for people who can't get the smile they want because they don't want to wear braces, and who are uncomfortable while laughing / talking, as it is almost invisible with Invisalign aligners.

Our adult patients change their aligners every 10 days, and wear them 20 hours a day. At the end of the treatment, they can get the smile they want without affecting their social life.




We know that the adolescence is a difficult period socially and psychologically. Invisalign treatment can be applied very easily for our patients who do not want to wear braces during these periods and do not want their social life to be affected.

Our teen patients change their plates every 7 days and wear them 20 hours a day.





Between the ages of 7 and 12, INVISALIGN treatment can now be applied in mixed dentition! We can choose Invisalign aligners to correct crowding, make room for the permanent teeth to erupt, or correct crossbites. The aim in mixed dentition is to shorten the duration of the second treatment after all the teeth have erupted.

Our patients in this age group change their plates every 7 days. In some periods, the usage time can be reduced to 5 days. Patients are asked to wear aligners 20 hours a day.