Covid Precautions


Before Arriving for an Appointment

Covid Pozitif

Covid Positive

If you think you have one or more of the symptoms of Covid 19 or if you have been in contact with a person showing these symptoms, please inform us and cancel your appointment. You will be given a new appointment as soon as possible.

18 Yaş Altı

Patients Who Are Under 18 Years Old

We ask our patients under the age of 18 to come with a maximum of one accompanying person. We want you to know that we will only take one accompanying person inside.

Zamanında Randevu

Timely Appointment

The appointment time given to you has been created considering the current epidemic situation. We ask you to be in our Practice at the exact time given. If you arrive early, we may have to keep you waiting outside.

When You Arrive At The Clinic

Sterilization Rules

Patient and the accompanying person will be asked to wear overshoes before entering, then rub their hands with disinfectant solution, come with a mask and wear this mask constantly while they are inside. We ask you to comply with our staff who reminds you of these.

Temperature Measurement

Your temperature will be taken at the door. We want you to know that if your temperature is above 37.3 degrees, we will not be able to take you inside.

Accompanying Person

When we take our patient in, we ask him to come with only one accompanying person.

During the Appointment

Ağız Temizliği

Oral Cleansing

Upon arrival, our patient will be taken to the clinic as quickly as possible and will be asked to rinse his/her mouth for at least 30 seconds with 1% hydrogen peroxide mouthwash.

Evde Diş Fırçalayın

Brush your teeth at home

In any event, the patient bathroom and tooth brushing section will be closed for most of the day. We ask our patient to brush their teeth before coming and not to eat anything afterwards, if possible.

Sosyal Mesafe

Social Distance

When making an appointment, we ask you to take care to maintain social distance and pay attention to the warning on the secretary desk.